Week One

The Flight: Flying is uncomfortable. Flying with a head cold is worse. I guess, in a sense, it was a small blessing as I couldn’t taste the airline food very well.  But joking aside, the flight was all right. 6.5 hours, over Canada then the ocean. The Sun had just come up by the time I got out of the plane…. 6.5 hours after it had just set. Didn’t sleep a wink! Soon it had been 24 hours since I’d slept! It was very exciting.

Getting into Bath: That was tricky. It’s like driving in DC, but with worse parking, neighborhood streets only, and no way to understand traffic signals. Luckily my friend Tony was very good and found us the way to the train station. I couldn’t even recognize the symbol for rail! And did you know, they didn’t use the metric system until the last 30-40 years or so? So all the road signs are in Miles and cars run by Miles per Hour. But it’s illegal to sell anything in inches, pounds, onces, or gallons, etc.

Once in Bath it was not so bad. We waited for the bus that would take us to our houses for about 2 hours. Once there though, it was really lovely. Charming little house with crooked steps. Downstairs is the kitchen and washer and dryer, a wooden dining room, and the access to the back garden. There’s also a full bath with the shower “right” next to the window. On the ground floor is the mudroom, a bedroom, and the living room with a TV and lots of couches. That is the room the photo I posted yesterday was taken. On the way to the “first” floor, on the landing, is a toilet. Then on the first floor are two bedrooms, one of which has a bathtub in it, and yes it is carpeted. Continue up to the top floor and there are two more bedrooms and a giant shower room with a tiny shower in it. No toilet. Only a tiny stand-up shower in the corner of the giant room. Oh, and the corner of my room is painted like a Jungle!

The Weather: No one knows. Don’t listen to the forecast, it’s probably wrong, but might be right, so you don’t know. It might be 52 out, but the wind’s at 23mph. Or maybe it’s raining, well, it was, and it might later, but it’s stopped now. Oh, just kidding, there it goes again. But the Sun’s out? That’s hail. But all in all, it’s not bad, just very cold.

Diagnostics!: We were told at the height of our jet lag that we’d have to take diagnostic tests. No one knew it was coming, but they reassured us that it won’t count against us. The teachers didn’t seem too horrified when we spoke to them at the reception, so here’s hoping! Classes start Monday with Education in England and Shakespeare in Performance for me. Then School placement on Tuesday. Culture shock will be in my next post!

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