Television Part 2

To say British television is any worse than American is unfair. But to say that even bad American television makes more sense than British….isn’t completely off. I’m going to start with some commercials. Unfortunately I can’t embed this one, so hopefully it will work outside the UK.

This is a Cadbury Commercial. When it first came on, we didn’t know what to make of it. It was a bit awkward. It starts out well. And then just take a turn for the …um… no? The look on the mom’s face is pretty good though.

Next is Jonathan Creek. Oh…how the mighty have fallen! I was so excited to see him in a new mystery. The clever magician is the ridiculously obscure situations that are seemly unconnected that’re miraculously explained.  Well… There was a mystery. It was explained. And it was a terrible ball of rubbish! I’ve included it for the enjoyment of others, but I have to admit, I was very disappointed. And to think I skipped Broadchurch for it!

Then there’s those little things that you enjoy in shows like the IT crowd, but then you find out where the joke came from and it’s that much better.  This happened today when I was watching mindless game shows…and Countdown came on! All that was in my head was, “It’s REAL!” I was going to post a clip from the actual show… but there’s apparently a need for sexualization of the letter card woman, Rachel Riley.  Guess nerds need somethin’. If you’re curious, you can look it up yourself, but I don’t want some of those titles linked to my page!

However, back to commercials, Virgin Media is just down right amusing. David Tennant being the spokesman kinda helps, but they are just silly! There’s also one involving him basically just sitting and eating popcorn.

Lastly, I’m just going to end with a little bit of random Red Nose Day.

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